This year UMMA celebrates the culture, that binds us together now and forever with #UMMAKacukan. This time we prioritize comfiness & classic pieces that represent heritage and everlasting design curated for each one of you.

(Ka.cu/kan) brings simplicity in the mundane, emphasizing on making ties, bonds, memories within different individuals bringing diversity into one-ness during the festive season. The theme gives a nostalgic fusion and makes everyone closer to their root and culture.

The collection highlights 7 design with 2 colours each for the #UMMAWomen (sizes run from XS to 2XL) and 6 designs with 2 colours each for the #UMMAMen (sizes run from S to 2XL) per design.

This round the collection also features pair couple designs of Puri (#UMMAMen) and Chutney (#UMMAWomen) available in black & white.

Hi-Resolution Photo
Kacukan Photo 1
Kacukan Photo 2
Kacukan Photo 3
Kacukan Photo 4
Kacukan Photo 5
Hi-Resolution Photo