Kuntum Floral Printed

The Kuntum Floral Printed brings us back to the olden era of classic prints. Continuing our evergreen journey through play of elements, the Kuntum is for every woman in us.

The soft and subtle floral print made in-house comes in both square and scarf type with five colours in variety of subtle modes each to complement the style of our #ummawomen.

Featuring classic silky matte material, the prints from Kuntum are perfect for those who are also only starting to find joy in printed pieces

Shop Kuntum now on www.umma.my, Isetan KLCC Level 2 and Aeon Shah Alam Level 1.

Hi-Resolution Photo
Kuntum Floral Printed Photo 1
Kuntum Floral Printed Photo 2
Hi-Resolution Photo