Projek Tetangga: Bantuan Banjir

Projek Tetangga is an initiative from the UMMA & NITA team in lending a helping hand to the less fortunate.
This time around we are determine to join forces to ease the burden of our fellow Malaysians that were affected by the recent flash flood that destroyed thousands of homes through Projek Tetangga: Bantuan Banjir.
With a starting target of RM10,000 — we aim to give out aids to as many victims as possible through volunteers and shelters. The money raised will be used for all forms of necessities and needs required, among which are:

1. Hygiene Necessities (Sanitary Pads, Soap, Toothpaste/Toothbrush)

2. Can/Packed food (long shelf-life meals)

3. Medication (Antiseptic Creams, Paracetamol, First Aid Kit)

4. Cleaning Items (includes detergent & utensils)

5. Towels, Scarves and other basic necessity needed.

If you are a volunteer or have information on any shelters in need of help or necessities at all, send them our way! Our team will gladly assist them through our instagram inbox ( @nita.cosmetics).
Updates will be shared from time to time via our instagram accounts ( @nita.cosmetics). We appreciate any amount of contribution made. Spread the word, stay safe and look out for one another!
RM 3,135.00
of RM 10,000.00 raised
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