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Editorial April 2021

Welcoming Ramadhan with an Open mind and Heart

Zaireen’s Ramadhan Preparation

Dear friends,
How have you been? I most certainly can’t believe that we are almost done with the first quarter of the year, time flies! It’s definitely one of the most exciting times for me personally. There is just so much calmness!
To some it’s the time of self-discovery and to improve inside out. I always opt for a looser top as far as fashion goes during Ramadhan. I’ve always believed in “every little effort count”, be it during Ramadhan or not, in the modest journey, there is always a start, right?
If you ask me the top three outfits I’d go for, I’d say, something airy and comfortable for lounging hours, and then I would switch to something loose and cooling for when I have to go for a quick grocery run to prep for iftar. We do break our fast at restaurants occasionally when we’ve had enough of home-cooked meals. For that the best bet I could think of is something (still) loose, but with a hint of style, just like the Lana Co-Ords
Just a few more days left till the start of Ramadhan 2021, what have you got prepping? If you’re in need of quick ideas, I’ll just share mine!

1. Cut down on sugar and junk food, eat healthily and moderately

2. Recite & reflect on Quran more

3. Give sadaqah

4. Set realistic goals

5. Understanding deeper on the meaning of Ramadhan

6. Plan your meals and workouts

7. Prepare your list of doas

8. Prepare physically & spiritually

9. Plan your life around your worship

Till then,
Salam Ramadhan!

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